Cinema Canada

In December 1989 Cinema Canada published its last issue (#169). It was the trade journal of record for the Canadian Film and television industry for 18 years.

The magazine began in 1962 when the Canadian Society of Cinematographers (CSC), which was founded in 1957, began publishing its own bi-monthly magazine – Canadian Cinematography.  In 1967, the CSC changed the name of its magazine to Cinema Canada, describing it as “Canada’s first magazine of motion picture photography & production.”  It is unknown how long Cinema Canada was published by CSC, but in 1972 CSC approached George Csaba Koller and Phillip McPhedran to produce a glossier format. This partnership lasted only one issue, after which McPhedran resigned.

George Koller and his wife and co-editor, Agi Ibranyi-Kiss continued to publish the magazine, at first sporadically. After a few issues Cinema Canada became a regular bi-monthly, until it was transferred to Connie and Jean-Pierre Tadros in late 1974. They moved the editorial office to Montreal and continued a monthly publication until its last issue in 1989.

Playback Magazine, now the journal of record, began publication September 29, 1986 with issue v. 1 no. 1., and has made its archives available online. Recently, Wyndham Wise re-launched CSC news as Canadian Cinematographer.

The original documents and papers from Cinema Canada are held by the Film Reference Library

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