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December 1987 Number 147 Editorial: Who's in charge at Telefim...? Details   PDF
December 1981 - January 1982 Number 80 Editorial: For a marriage of culture and industry Details   PDF
March 1982 Number 82 Editorial: For lack of a leader Details   PDF
April/May 1977 Number 37 Editorial: It's Time to Take a Stand Details   PDF
Connie Tadros, Jean- Pierre Tadros
April 1981 Number 73 Editorial: Making the best even better! Details   PDF
December 1976/ January 1977 Number 33 Editorial: Of Financing and Freedom Details   PDF
Connie Tadros, Jean- Pierre Tadros
June 1982 Number 85 Editorial: One obvious solution Details   PDF
April 1982 Number 83 Editorial: Pay-television - the last round for the distributors Details   PDF
November-December 1982 Number 90-91 Editorial: Report from never-never land Details   PDF
July-August 1983 Number 98 Editorial: Spring in July Details   PDF
June 1983 Number 97 Editorial: The final chapter Details   PDF
July 1982 Number 86 Editorial: Time to make choices Details   PDF
October/November 1972 Number 4 Editors Guild Details   PDF
July/August 1972 Number 3 Editors Guild Details   PDF
Phil Auguste
May/June 1972 Number 2 Editors Guild Details   PDF
Phil Auguste
September 1984 Number 110 Edmonton's film Mothers reflect on a changing industry Details   PDF
Michael Douglas
July/Aug 1987 Number 143 Eerie optimism on distribution legislation Details   PDF
November 1988 Number 157 Eighth annual Atlantic Festival winds up Details   PDF
Ron Macdonald
November 1988 Number 157 Election countdown: Cultural policy options Details   PDF
Jan/Feb 1979 Number 52 Electric Confidence - Richard Gabourie Details   PDF
Krystyna Hunt
October 1983 Number 100 Electronic flyspecks in the divine cathedral Details   PDF
Gordon Martin
December 1986 Number 136 Electronic Free Trade: How the CBC brought U.S. television to Canada Details   PDF
Peter Morris
December 1975/January 1976 Number 24 Enemies of Promise Details   PDF
John Hofsess
May 1985 Number 118 "Enhancement" key to Joshua controversy Details   PDF
July/Aug 1978 Number 48 Enter Public? - Montreal 16mm Festival Details   PDF
Jane Dick
November 1975 Number 23 Equipment News Details   PDF
December 1975/January 1976 Number 24 Equipment News Details   PDF
February 1976 Number 25 Equipment News Details   PDF
March 1976 Number 26 Equipment News Details   PDF
April 1976 Number 27 Equipment News Details   PDF
September 1980 Number 68 Equipment News Details   PDF
October-November 1980 Number 69 Equipment News Details   PDF
June/July 1980 Number 66 Equipment News edited by Gordon Keith and Harry Sutherland Details   PDF
Gordon Keith, Harry Sutherland
June/July 1979 Number 56 Erratum Details   PDF
January 1988 Number 148 de la Video at the New Film Fest Details   PDF
Geoffrey Shea
November 1986 Number 135 European Notes Details   PDF
Stephen Challis
May 1980 Number 65 Ever Ready! Details   PDF
Jim Henshaw
Nov/Dec 1978 Number 51 Everybody Came Details   PDF
George Csaba Koller
May/June 1972 Number 2 Exchange of Letters Within The C.S.C. Concerning The C.F.D.C. Details   PDF
Robert H. Brooks
May/June 1972 Number 2 Exchange of Letters Within The C.S.C. Concerning The C.F.D.C. Details
Wally Gentleman
July/Aug 1986 Number 132 Exhibitors too close for comfort Details   PDF
October 1988 Number 156 Experimental Film for the Masses Details   PDF
Ed Ackerman
April 1988 Number 151 Faces behind the camera - A portfolio of B.C. filmmakers Details   PDF
Calvin Wharton
June 1988 Number 153 Fair representation next content challenge Details   PDF
August 1980 Number 67 Fallout from the Boom Details   PDF
John Brooke
June 1988 Number 153 Famous launches construction drive Details   PDF
April 1980 Number 64 Famous On All Fours Details   PDF
Andrew Dowler
April 1987 Number 140 Famous' Appointments Details   PDF
May/June 1975 Number 19 Fantasy, Film and Feminism or An Affirmation of Male Paranoia Details   PDF
A Ibranyi-Kiss
September 1975 Number 21 Faulkner's Policys Details   PDF
March 1988 Number 150 Fear of Major reprisals, weakened options pervade Details   PDF
October 1975 Number 22 Fearless Harry Gulkin Details   PDF
Ken Zeilig
March 1983 Number 94 Featues/As the grapefruit grows : a critical history of Canfilm policy Details   PDF
Sandra Gathercole
December 1975/January 1976 Number 24 Feature Film Production Guide Details   PDF
D John Turner, Stephen Chesley, Rodger J Ross
April/May 1977 Number 37 Feature Film Production Guide Details   PDF
December 1976/ January 1977 Number 33 Feature Film Production Guide 1976 Details   PDF
Michele Caron, Del Mehes
February 1976 Number 25 Feature Film Releases 1975 Details   PDF
D John Turner
January 1986 Number 126 Feature Task Forces wants Canadian distribution, funds Details   PDF
March 1982 Number 82 Feature/Interview: Paul Donovan Details   PDF
John Harkness
March 1982 Number 82 Features Details   PDF
April 1982 Number 83 Features Details   PDF
May 1982 Number 84 Features Details   PDF
June 1982 Number 85 Features Details   PDF
July 1982 Number 86 Features Details   PDF
August 1982 Number 87 Features Details   PDF
September 1982 Number 88 Features Details   PDF
October 1982 Number 89 Features Details   PDF
November-December 1982 Number 90-91 Features Details   PDF
January 1983 Number 92 Features Details   PDF
February 1983 Number 93 Features Details   PDF
March 1983 Number 94 Features Details   PDF
May 1983 Number 96 Features Details   PDF
June 1983 Number 97 Features Details   PDF
September 1983 Number 99 Features Details   PDF
April 1983 Number 95 Features Details   PDF
September 1981 Number 77 Features Details   PDF
October 1981 Number 78 Features Details   PDF
November 1981 Number 79 features Details   PDF
December 1981 - January 1982 Number 80 Features Details   PDF
February 1982 Number 81 Features produced in 1981 Details   PDF
April 1981 Number 73 Features/1981 Genie Awards Details   PDF
September 1982 Number 88 Features/A creative collage : Ottawa '82 Details   PDF
Robert Hookey
March 1983 Number 94 Features/A different kind of Red Scare Details   PDF
Mark Henderson
October 1981 Number 78 Features/A history of great ideas and lost opportunities Details   PDF
Penelope Hynam
April 1982 Number 83 Features/A magic show! Details   PDF
Merv Walker
September 1982 Number 88 Features/A programmer's news and blues : The Grierson Seminar 1982 Details   PDF
Seth Feldman
October 1982 Number 89 Features/A structure of reassurance: TV news Details   PDF
Joyce Nelson
December 1981 - January 1982 Number 80 Features/Abitibi summers and winters; Andre Blanchard Details   PDF
Piers Handling
April 1982 Number 83 Features/Alberta awards its own Details   PDF
Linda Kupecek, Tom Crighton
May 1983 Number 96 Features/Alive and kicking ; Manitoba filmmakers on Applebert Details   PDF
May 1983 Number 96 Features/All the world's a stage: the method of Maruska Stankova Details   PDF
Steve Lucas
April 1983 Number 95 Features/Andre Forcier: The director's fear of the blank screen Details   PDF
Michael Dorland
November-December 1982 Number 90-91 Features/Atlantic cinema: Portrait of a region Details   PDF
Frank McGinn
June 1982 Number 85 Features/Back's crac shot Details   PDF
Joan Irving Herman
May-June 1981 Number 74 Features/Better Balance, Better Deal Details   PDF
Brendan Hawley
April 1983 Number 95 Features/Blood, horror and boobs at AFM '83 Details   PDF
Michael Douglas
May-June 1981 Number 74 Features/Blood on the Snow Details   PDF
william Weintraub
September 1982 Number 88 Features/Boom! The actor's point of view Details   PDF
Paul Kelman
May 1982 Number 84 Features/Bread and shoe polish Details   PDF
Lois Siegel
January 1983 Number 92 Features/Burden of dreams : Main Film co-op Details   PDF
Emil Sher
February 1982 Number 81 Features/Business as (un)usual Details   PDF
Seth Feldman
November-December 1982 Number 90-91 Features/California dreaming: The teaching of motion-picture production Details   PDF
Robert Miller
July 1981 Number 75 Features/Canada at Cannes Details   PDF
Kevin Tierney
June 1982 Number 85 Features/Cannes clips Details   PDF
Bruce Pittman
July 1982 Number 86 Features/Carry on Cannes Details   PDF
Marc Gervais
January 1983 Number 92 Features/Cheap shots : a photomontage Details   PDF
Linda Dawn Hammond
January 1983 Number 92 Features/Cinema nouveau : an expressive sort of howl Details   PDF
David Clarke
November-December 1982 Number 90-91 Features/Coming together Details   PDF
Connie Tadros
May-June 1981 Number 74 features/Cultural Crosscurrents Details   PDF
Harry Gulkin, Larry Moore
November 1981 Number 79 Features/Docu strikes home Details   PDF
Jacqueline Levitin
December 1981 - January 1982 Number 80 Features/Double trouble Details   PDF
Judee Ganten
October 1982 Number 89 Features/Echoes from the festivals Details   PDF
Connie Tadros
April 1982 Number 83 Features/Film Board favorites down the years Details   PDF
William Weintraub
May 1982 Number 84 features/Flowers to Cannes Details   PDF
Barbara Samuels
April 1981 Number 73 Features/Gays Set the Record Straight Details   PDF
Tom Waugh, Joyce rock
October 1982 Number 89 Features/Gearing up for tomorrow : new technologies and film aesthetics Details   PDF
Carol Rutter
June 1983 Number 97 Features/Gilles Carle and the image of Quebec Details   PDF
Richard Martineau
July 1981 Number 75 features/Images of Cannes Details   PDF
Marc Gervais
July 1981 Number 75 Features/Inside CBC Drama Details   PDF
John Kent Harrison
May 1982 Number 84 Features/Inside the CRTC decision: Marc Gervais on the pay-TV controversy an interview Details   PDF
Jean- Pierre, Connie Tadros
September 1981 Number 77 Features/Interview : Ralph Thomas & Vivienne Leeboshr Details   PDF
Gary Lamphier
February 1982 Number 81 Features/Lament for an industry Details   PDF
Virginia Kelly
July 1981 Number 75 Features/Les Plouffe Details   PDF
Marc Gervais
March 1982 Number 82 Features/Looking good, moving ahead. A look at independent TV producers Details   PDF
Bruce Malloch
April 1982 Number 83 Features/Marathon man : Pierre Lamy Details   PDF
Barbara Samuels
November 1981 Number 79 Features/Mexico - doubletake:Better late than never Details   PDF
Philip E. Hudsmith
November 1981 Number 79 Features/Mexico - doubletake:Manana never comes Details   PDF
Rudy Wrench
June 1982 Number 85 Features/Michael Grant Head On Details   PDF
Mac Bradden
May 1983 Number 96 Features/Mission Imponderable: The uncertain first months of Canadian pay-TV Details   PDF
Lucie Hall
April 1982 Number 83 Features/My dinner with Q.C. Details   PDF
Douglas Bowie
February 1983 Number 93 Features/No surprises, please, we're Ontarian Details   PDF
Gail van Varseveld
September 1983 Number 99 Features/Norman McLaren : Reflections on a life Details   PDF
Gordon Martin
August 1982 Number 87 Features/Notes on a tax sheltered cinema Details   PDF
John Harkness
February 1983 Number 93 Features/Notes on an open wound Details   PDF
Lois Siegel
September 1982 Number 88 Features/Of bits and bytes Details   PDF
Arthur Makosinski
May 1982 Number 84 Features/On national cinema Details   PDF
Susan Barrowclough
September 1982 Number 88 Features/One response from a screenwriter Details   PDF
Arthur Fuller
December 1981 - January 1982 Number 80 Features/Out of the main stream Details   PDF
David Clarke
July 1982 Number 86 Features/Peter Carter: a tribute Details   PDF
May 1983 Number 96 Features/Peter Raymont: voyeur of the power structure Details   PDF
Peter Pearson
April 1981 Number 73 Features/Phoney Baloney Details   PDF
Maurice Yacowar
October 1982 Number 89 Features/Planning to stay alive Details   PDF
Bruce Malloch
July 1982 Number 86 Features/Porno : Women respond Details   PDF
Gayle Cohen
March 1983 Number 94 Features/Portrait of the animator as a rising star Details   PDF
Michael Dorland
September 1983 Number 99 Features/Prescriptions for a film future : The Mann/Wintonick letters Details   PDF
Ron Mann, Peter Wintonick
April 1981 Number 73 features/Proof Positive Details   PDF
Gary Lamphier
September 1981 Number 77 Features/Proparms : Calling it Quits Details   PDF
Howard Goldberg
May-June 1981 Number 74 Features/Public policy vs. private purpose Details   PDF
G. Chalmers Adams
August 1982 Number 87 Features/Saturday night at the movies in Lanzhou Details   PDF
Kevin Tierney
March 1982 Number 82 Features/Schlock but slick. A talk with George Mihalka Details   PDF
Minko Sotiron
February 1982 Number 81 Features/Shebib exposes himself: an interview Details   PDF
Bruce Pittman
April 1981 Number 73 Features/Shooting for the Best Details   PDF
John Locke
September 1983 Number 99 Features/Surviving Hollywood : the '83 "Conversations with filmmakers" seminar Details   PDF
Barbara Samuels
July 1982 Number 86 Features/Taking off: "Not a Love Story" in distribution Details   PDF
Philip Szporer
October 1981 Number 78 Features/Taking the bait Details   PDF
Robert E. Miller
April 1982 Number 83 Features/Ten Hot Years Details   PDF
Bruce Pittman
April 1983 Number 95 Features/The 1983 Genies: Looking back to tomorrow Details   PDF
Connie Tadros
June 1983 Number 97 Features/The baking of a chocolate cake Details   PDF
Lois Siegel
August 1982 Number 87 Features/The Canadian Film Institute : Part II Details   PDF
Patricia Thompson
November-December 1982 Number 90-91 Features/The case of Picture Plant Details   PDF
Fran Gallagher-Shuebrook
June 1982 Number 85 Features/The Crawley era Details   PDF
James A. Forrester
November-December 1982 Number 90-91 Features/The disturbing dialectic of Anne-Claire Poirier Details   PDF
Francine Prevost
October 1981 Number 78 Features/The fame game Details   PDF
Krystyna Hunt
May 1982 Number 84 Features/The forest from the trees: national cinema Details   PDF
Allan King
March 1982 Number 82 Features/The new China documentaries Details   PDF
Kevin Tierney
September 1981 Number 77 Features/The NFB : Inventing Canada - Again? Details   PDF
Lyn Martin
December 1981 - January 1982 Number 80 Features/The war within: Culture vs. industry Details   PDF
Connie Tadros
June 1983 Number 97 Features/The world, the flesh and the films of David Cronenberg Details   PDF
John Harkness
November 1981 Number 79 Features/"Till Death Do Us Part" : Mansion of the macabrel Details   PDF
Greg van Riel
March 1982 Number 82 Features/Tom Radford's "China Mission: the Chester Ronning Story" Details   PDF
Tom Crighton
November 1981 Number 79 Features/Toronto festival: bonanza beats all Details   PDF
John G. Harkness
July 1981 Number 75 Features/True to the Art Details   PDF
Leonid Alekseychuk, Larisa Alekseychuk
April 1983 Number 95 Features/Via le monde : Documentary's dynamic duo Details   PDF
Alan Herscovici
April 1981 Number 73 Features/Where There's A Will... Details   PDF
Teri Coburn
April 1981 Number 73 Features/Who Says Rome Wasn't Built in a Day? Details   PDF
Therese Beaupre
January 1983 Number 92 Features/Yorkton fest Details   PDF
Patricia Thompson
July/Aug 1985 Number 120-121 Federal budget has little to affect film/television financing Details   PDF
Ian McCullum
March 1987 Number 139 Feds to legislate distribution Details   PDF
December 1977/January 1978 Number 43 Feedback - Canadian film awards (2) Details   PDF
December 1987 Number 147 Feminism and Art Conference Details   PDF
Joyce Mason
January 1986 Number 126 Fest of Fest '86 Preview Details   PDF
November 1983 Number 101 Festival Fever: Andrew Dowler Details   PDF
November 1983 Number 101 Festival Fever: Gerald Peary Details   PDF
November 1983 Number 101 Festival Fever: John Harkness Details   PDF
November 1983 Number 101 Festival Fever: Kevin Tierney Details   PDF
November 1983 Number 101 Festival Fever: Linda D. Hammond Details   PDF
November 1983 Number 101 Festival Fever: Michael Rechtshaffen Details   PDF
November 1983 Number 101 Festival Fever: Peter Wintonick Details   PDF
November 1985 Number 124 Festival of Festivals - The return of the repressed Details   PDF
Michael Dorland
November 1987 Number 146 Festival of Festivals: Happy Days, Beware Again Details   PDF
Seth Feldman
July/Aug 1988 Number 154 Festivals Details   PDF
September 1975 Number 21 Festivals Details   PDF
Stephen Chesley
October 1975 Number 22 Festivals Details   PDF
Stephen Chesley, Rodger Ross, Rodger Ross
December 1975/January 1976 Number 24 Festivals Details   PDF
John Hofsess
December 1986 Number 136 Festivals - Canadian Documentary Details   PDF
December 1983 Number 102 Festivals: Strong content, weak form Details   PDF
Frank McGinn
May 1988 Number 152 Fifth column on the march - Roth leads forces to battle legislation Details   PDF
April 1987 Number 140 Fight for CKVU control Details   PDF
March 1979 Number 53 Fighting the Elements - Bear Island Details   PDF
Philip McPhedran
April 1976 Number 27 Film and the Third Dimension Details   PDF
John Bertram
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